Welcome to our site, and allow us to introduce ourselves.

Nardi Balkan Ltd. is a manufacturer of high-quality agricultural implements for professional farming. When the company took root in the city of Pozarevac on Eastern Serbia, we started production of crop and farming sprayers from our small factory. Once we were able to establish a reputation among farmers for production of quality, effective and superior implements, we became a part of Gruppo Nardi Spa.

In today's challenging agricultural industry, we understand the importance of dependable, efficient and quality farming equipment. To accommodate the growing demand for such products, Nardi Balkan Ltd. Is expanding its factory operations in order to bring our customers the full range of Nardi products, including plows, harrows, cultivators, hoesing machines, seed drills, sprayers and miscellaneous other equipment. Managed by a professional and dynamic team, Nardi Balkan Ltd. serves Central Europe and Russia to enhance and increase productivity of your agricultural business.

We at Nardi Balkan Ltd. wish you a successful and productive business year!