RIO Nardi ObojenNardi Rio trailed farming sprayers (2500 - 3000 - 3600 - 4200 - 5200L) with hydraulic opening booms manufactured in accordance to the world standards and farmers needs are intended to use for medium sized farms who require the best precision and distribution on field. They are using latest technology an adapted in modern agricultural production. Nardi produce the implements with a great care of enviroment and users of products and in this purpose have large number of different sprayers in this series with tank capacities ranging from 2500 to 5200, with best quality components, which, with their wide range of use, can meet the expectations of even the most demanding users.




Standard equipment:Optional equipment:
Oven painted reinforced steel frame Computer Bravo 180 7 H20
Total drainage polyethylene tank with screw lid, strainer filter under the lid Computer Bravo 400 5 H20
Intake filter predisposed for self-filling Computer Bravo 400 7 H20
Proptional distributor with 5 electro valves Computer Bravo 180 5 H20 + 4 OIL
Computer Bravo 180S 5 section H2O Computer Bravo 180 7 H20 + 4 OIL
Hand and circuit washing tank Hydraulic lifting booms system with parallelogram
Hydraulic opening booms Hydraulic leveling correction
Axle adjustable in width Independent hydraulic system
Hydraulic agitator Pump 205 instead of pump 180
Diaphragm pump, safety valve Pump 241 instead of pump 205
  Pump 281 instead of pump 241
  Piston pump CK220P instead of diaphragm pump
  Centrifugal pump for loading tank
  5 way mechanic control unit with electronic on/off
  Distributor with 5 electric valves with electronic on/off
  Distributor with 7 electric valves with electronic on/off
  Tyres 300/95 R46 (2500, 3000, 3600L)
  Tyres 340/85 R38 (2500, 3000, 3600L)
  Tyres 380/90 R46 (2500, 3000, 3600L)
  Tyres 420/80 R46 (5200L)
  Tyres 520/85 R38 (5200L)
  Splashboard 420mm width
  Splashboard 610mm width
  Kit washing tank
  Full fenders of lighting system for road traffic
  LED lights for night work
  Quick coupler 2 “for loading under pressure
  Hose reel + spray gun
  Hose reel for manual loading hose
  Boxes for chemical products in a lockable seal
  Eccentric jets at boom end
  Trijet nozzle head
  Self filling kit 5m with basket Ø40
  Self filling kit 5m with basket Ø50
  Hydraulic tube agitator
  Nozzle check carafe
  Ecological mixer 30L
  Boom air suspension with 2 bolsters
  Boom air suspension with 3 bolsters
  Oil brake system (3000, 3600, 4200, 5200L)
  Air brake system (3000, 3600, 4200, 5200L)
  Steering rod
  Line filters 5
  Line filters 7
  Shock absorber
  Foam maker
  PTO Shaft
  PTO Shaft omnicinetic


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